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If we decide to hire Indy Characters & More LLC, is there anything a customer needs to do to prepare for the arrival?


A:  Yes, please review the Indy Characters & More LLC Customer Responsibilities Check List for a comprehensive list of things to remember. BEFORE booking with us, please review our Customer Responsibilities Check List.

​How far in advance do I need to book?​

A:  The earlier you can make your reservation the better your chance of getting the date you want. We suggest booking at least a month in advance to maximize your chances of getting the time and date you desire. You are welcome to book at any time and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Also, should you decide to have an event at the last-minute still give us a call; we may have availability even if it is the morning of the event!

Can I market/advertise my event using the official licensed copyright characters names?  


A:  No, Indy Characters & More LLC does not own the rights to any licensed and/or copyright mascots/characters, therefore any marketing material with officially licensed copyright names is strictly prohibited!  If you have misrepresented our characters/mascots we will NOT make an appearance at your event!   Your non-refundable deposit will not be refunded, and this e-signed contract is breached, therefore Indy Characters & More LLC. is not liable to adhere to this contract; all contractual obligations will be vacated and terminated.



Does the event have to take place in my home?


A:  No, Indy Characters & More, LLC will bring life to your event anywhere you wish (weather permitting). Your event can be located in your home, restaurants, schools, event centers, parks, pools, or anywhere you prefer. IMPORTANT: If your event will be located in a public location, it is the costumer's responsibility to get any and all access permissions for Indy Characters & More LLC appearance.  In addition, if there are parking fees, the customer is responsible for all cost associated with parking, no exceptions apply. 



Does Indy Characters & More LLC. make Inside appearances?


A: Yes! We do require a clean and spacious area/room for our Cast Members to prep in, for both inside and outside events. We also ask for there be enough room to allow our characters to move and have fun at the event! 



Are we allowed to tip the characters/mascot staff?


A: Yes, Absolutely!  As always tipping is optional however; our mascot/character performers work extremely hard to entertain you and your guest. We ENCOURAGE you to tip the performers if you are highly satisfied with their performance.  


How far will you travel? 


A:  Indy Characters & More LLC will travel throughout metropolitan Indianapolis and surrounding areas however; if your event venue is located outside a 25-mile radius from downtown Indianapolis, an additional $25 will be charged to your appearance or package price. A $35 charge will be applied to your appearance package, if your event is more than 30-miles from downtown Indianapolis, and within a 50-mile radius from downtown Indianapolis. NOTE: Indy Characters & More LLC. would be super excited to service locations 50-miles outside of downtown Indianapolis however; additional travel cost apply. Please call for pricing details.  Click link to view our servicing areas.


Which forms of payment do you accept? 

A:  Indy Characters & More LLC accepts Visa and Master Card credit cards, if providing a tip for our staff cash will be accepted. If tipping please have exact amount available for your tip, Indy Characters & More LLC team members do not carry cash.


What is our cancelation policy?  ​


​​A:  Indy Characters & More LLC understands that things happen however, please call us as soon as possible if you need to cancel and/or reschedule. If you reschedule your event with Indy Characters & More LLC. your non-refundable deposit will be transferred to your new event date within 365-days of your original event date.  If you decide not to reschedule your event with Indy Characters & More LLC you forfeit your entire deposit,


When should I invite the character to appear at our event?


A:  Indy Characters & More LLC recommends inviting your character to appear at least 30-minutes to 45-minutes AFTER the party starts to ensure the majority of your guest have arrived.  For example: If your event starts at 1pm invite Indy Characters to appear at 1:30 or 1:45pm.

What if I am not satisfied with the services that Indy Characters & More LLC. provided?


A:  Indy Characters & More LLC strives to provide high-quality entertainment for your event however; if you are unsatisfied with our performers and/or the quality of our services rendered please inform us IMMEDIATELY while we are still onsite (e.g. during your event). Once our entertainers leave your event it is mutually assumed that you, as the customer, were satisfied with Indy Characters & More LLC services.

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