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Covid Policies

Thank you for inviting Indy Characters & More LLC. to your event! As with all businesses and Americans, we have all been impacted by this horrible virus, as such we want to ensure that we are able to bring life to your event safely as well as staying healthy! Therefore, we have changed our entire business model and have a brand-new exciting way to do business, until future notice.

We are responsible for ensuring our staff and your family and guest remain safe while making our appearance. As our customer you have the responsibility to ensure your family and guest remain safe and healthy Indy Characters & More LLC. is onsite. To ensure everyone remains safe and everyone adheres to social distancing guidelines our new policies and our new way of doing business are as follows:

If the state  of Indiana and/or county (Marion) is under a stay-at- home order, Indy Characters will remain closed until the 
stay is officially lifted


  • ALL Indy Character team members will wear masks throughout the even


  • We ONLY offer 30-minute appearances, games are no longer included in our packages


  • 6" feet social distancing is REQUIRED at all times while Indy Characters is onsite; this includes staff mascots/characters, your family, and guests


  • While our customers and their guest are taking photos and videos the 6" feet social distance also applies 


  • Final payment is due five days prior to your event date

  • We no longer go inside any type of building/facility, this includes but not limited to, homes, churches, gyms, clubhouses, daycares, schools, etc... 

  • ALL appearances are weather contingent, meaning if the weather is sunny and dry outside Indy Characters will make your appearance. If it rains/snows 48-hours prior to your event we WILL NOT make the appearance. Your deposit WILL NOT be refunded, you are welcome to reschedule (Based on Indy Characters & Moe LLC. availability)  Indy Characters & More LLC. 

       mascots/ characters will not make appearances outside during inclement weather (e.g. extreme cold/hot, rain, snow, lightning, hail etc….)


  • We will ONLY make appearances on concrete(sidewalks, driveways) or patio's/decks, NO GRASS for mascots. Characters with "standard" shoes are allowed on the grass


*** Please visit the Official CDC Website for additional COVID guidance  ***

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