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No date or time slot is reserved until a full non-refundable posit has been received. You have 3 days from the date of your invoice to pay the non-refundable deposit in full.  If your deposit is not paid in full within the 3 days, Indy Characters & More LLC will cancel your booking and your date and time slot will NOT be held.  A non-refundable deposit fee is required for all events sessions, and is due prior to the signing the required Indy Characters & More LLC. contract.  Paying the non-refundable deposit in full is a required condition for the booking to proceed. This is a non-refundable deposit; in the event of a cancellation, or breach of contract by the client., shall be liquidated for inconveniences to Indy Characters & More LLC.  Your non-refundable deposit shall be applied towards the total cost of the services to be rendered. 

Final Payments are collected on-site the day of your event prior to the characters/mascots apperance. Final payment can be paid by cash, major credit/debit card (A $3 processing fee will be added to your balance), or business checks; no personal checks. 

Marketing/ Advertising 

We DO NOT offer nor do we present any licensed and/or copyrighted characters

Indy Characters & More LLC. is registered & licensed in the state of Indiana

You have NOT marketed and/or advertised your party/event representing officially licensed copyright mascots/characters.  Indy Characters & More LLC. does not own the rights to any licensed and/or copyright mascots/characters, therefore any marketing material with officially licensed copyright names is strictly prohibited!  If you have misrepresented our characters/mascots we will NOT make an appearance at your event!   Your non-refundable deposit will not be refunded, and this e-signed contract is breached, therefore Indy Characters & More LLC. is not liable to adhere to this contract; all contractual obligations will be vacated and terminated. 

Indy Characters & More LLC. number one priority is the safety of our staff and costumers. So, during the spring & summer (70 degrees and/or above) seasons we need to ensure our staff members are kept as safe and cool as possible. Our mascot costumes get extremely hot so, if you would like to have Indy Characters & More LLC. make an appearance outside, each character will be required to take the following new break times for each package.          
 30 Minute Appearance               5 minute break after 15 minutes
                                                  45 Minute Appearance               5 minute break every 20 minutes
                                                    1 Hour Appearance                  5 minute break every 20 minutes
                                                   1.5 Hour Appearance                5 minute break every 20 min

* If you are having an inside an air conditioned venue during the appearance, the normal break periods every 30 minutes apply.   

BEFORE booking with us, please read the Indy Characters & More LLC. 

Customer Responsibilities Check List

Indy Characters & More LLC. takes pride in the quality of mascots/character costumes we provide to our customers. We make every effort to ensure our costumes remain clean, undamaged and of high quality for all appearances. Consequently, Indy Characters & More LLC. mascots/ characters will not make appearances outside during inclement weather (e.g. extreme cold/hot, rain, snow, lighting, hail etc….) In addition, Indy Characters & More LLC. will not make appearances inside and/or outside if the grounds are wet, soggy, damp and/or moist in any type of way. Indy Characters does not provide outside appearances during the fall or winter seasons (October thru April); some acceptations are in place. Outside events available during spring and summer seasons (May thru September). 

If your event is scheduled to be outside, and it has rained, snowed and/or any other element that causes the grounds to be wet/saturated 72 hours PIROR to your event, the character/mascot will not make an outside appearance; inside appearance if such a situation occurs.

If your event, is located at an outside public park shelter, venue, etc. you MUST get pre-authorization PRIOR to booking your event. Because, of the required dressing room locations and the overall logistics for our characters/mascots to get dressed, it makes it extremely difficult to find a non-restroom dressing room which has to be a maximum of 5 feet from your event/shelter location.  If you have received pre-authorization because, you are able to provide our staff with a non-restroom changing room within 5 feet of your event/shelter location, and we get there and the appropriate agreed upon accommodations have not been made, we will not make the appearance, and your deposit will not be refunded. 

Mascot/Character Logistics 


Weather Conditions

Indy Characters & More LLC. cartoon mascot do not speak however; they are extremely lovable, huggable and friendly!  However, our costumed characters are able to both speak & interact with the guest.  Also, due to safety and liability concerns our Indy Characters & More LLC. cartoon mascots and costumed characters are NOT allowed to pick-up, hold or place guest in their laps during their appearance/visit or while taking photos.  

Changing Area 

In preparation for Indy Character & More LLC. appearances our performers require a clean, sizable changing room/area on the first floor. This changing room/area must be large enough for both the performer and one staff member who is responsible for assisting our performers with getting changed into character.  Bathroom facilities are NOT appropriate changing rooms.  Bathroom size restrictions may not allow enough room for changes; in addition, changing in private or public restrooms because of sanitation concerns, which could potentially impact our team members health and the cleanliness of our costumes.  BEFORE booking with us, please read the Indy Characters & More LLC. Customer Responsibilities Check List 

Photography & Multi-Social Media 

Indy Characters & More LLC. reserves the right to use any Photograph/videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings taken at any Indy Characters & More LCC.  customer event, any affiliate of Indy Characters & More LLC. Indy Characters & More LLC. also reserves the right to use any photograph/videography without the written permission of those included within the photograph.  Photographs may be used in publications and/or other forms of media including social media produced used, or contracted by Indy Character & More LLC. This includes, but is not limited to: magazines, Web sites, social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat,Twitter, Google+, etc...), blog, presentations and other Indy Characters & More LLC. marketing materials or other, similar reproductions or recordings.

We are a 100% paperless organization

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