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Hot Potato


​​Red Light

Green Light

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Simon Says

​Double Up

Each activity winner receives a small prize; unless otherwise indicated 

Activities List

​Everyone plays s flamingo which means, they have to stand on one leg and try to keep their balance. Everyone starts saying silly things to try their best to make the other flamingo fall over, doing anything but touching the flamingo in any way.  They may make funny faces, dance around, fall over themselves, etc. The flamingo that stays up the longest wins!

Everyone sits/stands in a circle and passes the potato from one person to the next. Event Leader stops the music and the person left holding the potato is out. Continue until there is only one person left.

The "character/mascot" is designated as “it” and plays the part of the stop light. The other kids line up about 20 feet away from “it.” Facing away from the other kids, “it’ calls out “Green light!” The other kids move toward “it.” “It” then calls out “Red light!” and turns around quickly. Any of the child who are caught moving must go back to the start line. Play continues until someone reaches and tags “it.” The trick to winning this game is to move smoothly so that you can freeze instantly until you are within reach of “it.

There is no skill needed for the game; that’s why it is perfect for all little ones.  Each guest will pick a duck and look for the crystal on the bottom.  Guest that have a crystal on the bottom of their duck wins a small prize. 

All the children stand at one end of the room.  Then Simon gives the crowd an order beginning with "Simon Says". Example: Simon says take one giant step forward.  Then everyone does what Simon says. After a few of these you throw in an order without saying "Simon Says" and anyone who does it without Simon saying is out. Whoever follows only Simon's orders and is left at the end of the game wins​!

Each guest will get the chance to roll two large soft dice; if both dice land on the same number you are a winner!  If we have no winners the first round, we will play until we have a winner!

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